Ask the Pro*


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CRISTA Media would like to partner with you in an exclusive and unique campaign in order to educate our audience about your industry, raise awareness of your services and increase new customers. 

Our "Ask the Pro" campaign brands you as our go-to industry-specific pro. Our multi-communication approach starts with interview style on-air spots and expands online to create multiple touch points, drive user interaction and create an instant implied endorsement from the station.


Interview style spots on-air create the feel of a mini industry-specific informational program for our listeners. These spots have a relational and conversational flow to catch listeners attention and immediately connect with them. A new topic is introduced each week of the campaign.

  • :60 in length, featuring you and a station DJ.
  • The :60 produced spot invites listeners to check out additional online content, such as in-depth interviews, blogs and other healthcare specific information.

To hear campaign examples in other successful categories, click below:


Your ATP campaign is a complete 360 degree communication approach. We will create a custom micro-site for you that is specific to your campaign.

  • Custom web form to create interaction and produce leads sent directly to you.
  • Podcast of ATP interviews with a representative from your business
  • Additional resources such as blogs, extended podcasts, customer testimonials and more.

Digital Promotion

We will promote your business as the industry pro in other digital interactions such as:

  • Homepage Navigation
  • DJ/Animated Greeting
  • E-newsletter
  • Facebook
  • Mobile App

This will further deepen listener interaction and promote that implied endorsement.

View Our Current Selection of Industry Pros:

*Formerly known as "Ask the Expert"