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Reach our database of listeners through station community newsletters or targeted e-mail.

CRISTA Media believes in maximizing our digital assets to engage, communicate and strengthen our listener relationship with the station and in the community our stations create. We invite our listeners to be a part of our “family”. Our SPIRIT/PRAISE Families are constructed of our most loyal, web savvy listeners. When listeners join our family they instantly receive all the need-to-know details about the station, artists, contests, activities and more!

SPIRIT 105.3
Weekly (on Wednesdays) 28,000+
SPIRIT 105.9
Twice monthly (2nd and 4th Wednesday) 5,000+
PRAISE 106.5
Twice monthly (1st and 3rd Wednesday) 16,000+

Community e-Newsletter

Introduce your business or service to our audience in our stations' standard email newsletter distribution. These emails go out several times a month and include DJ blog content, event calendars, station promotions and discounts & services relevant to our audience. Learn More

Targeted e-Newsletter

Our targeted e-mail is a way to reach our loyal database with a customized e-mail specifically focused on your products or services.  With our targeted e-email, you can pin point exactly who you want to deliver your message to by zip code, gender or demographic. Learn More