Targeted E-blasts

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Our targeted e-blast is a way to reach our loyal database with a customized e-mail specifically focused on your products or services.  With our targeted e-blast, you can pin point exactly who you want to deliver your message to by zip code, gender or demographic. 

Beyond phenomenal marketing exposure, your message will be delivered with an implied endorsement from our station. We keep these targeted e-blasts exclusive and only send to each participant a maximum of 1x per month.  This ensures we don’t overuse our listener database and brings a maximum impact and response for our clients.


Number of PeopleOverall Total
up to 1,000 $400.00
up to 3,000 $500.00
up to 5,000 $650.00
up to 7,000 $800.00
up to 9,000 $950.00
up to 11,000 $1,050.00
up to 13,000 $1,200.00
up to 15,000 $1,350.00
up to 18,000 $1,450.00
18,000+ $2,000.00