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We will get you results to help you achieve your goals. We are successful when you are successful; we'd love to form a partnership with you. PRAISE 106.5 is family safe and has built trust with our listeners. For the past 30 years, PRAISE 106.5 has been serving the Christian life group in NW Washington State, Vancouver, Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Canada with FM broadcast and digital platforms. PRAISE 106.5 is an effective conduit to reach the Christian life group.

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Digital Stats - March 2018

  Average Monthly Website VisitsAverage Display Click Through RateTotal Streaming HoursE-Newsletter Mailable Database
Facebook DatabaseMobile App Downloads



17,117 78,441 73,508


Weekly Cume: 335,030

Cume Source: BBM Vancouver EM Q1 2016 P2+ BBM
Arbitron Seattle DMA; Whatcom, Skagit, SJC Fall 2015-Spring 2016 P12+ (Mon-Sun 6A-12M)