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Crista Broadcasting Teams w/StreamGuys, Onseeker

Content delivery network and streaming media provider StreamGuys and mobile app developer Onseeker are partnering with Crista Broadcasting to deliver a streaming media experience to their online radio listeners. The updated platform, launched in late March, delivers HE-AAC audio quality and Onseeker’s mobile apps to iOS and Android devices.

CRISTA Broadcasting says it will enhance the listener experience and support advertising campaigns across three FM stations (KCMS-FM/Seattle, KWPZ-FM/Bellingham WA and KFMK-FM/Austin), one AM station (KCIS-AM/Seattle) and its Internet HD Radio station Pure Music Radio using StreamGuys’ virtualized streaming architecture.

Crista new media specialist Channah Hanberg notes scheduled push notifications as one major enhancement, allowing mobile listeners to receive bible verses at their convenience. This feature eliminates the cumbersome process of distributing more than 500,000 bible verses to listeners per month via text message.

Hanberg points to this direct audience engagement and better audio quality as key differentiators from other mobile streaming solutions. She adds that the openness of the entire solution provides her stations with easy access to edit material within the mobile apps, keeping content fresh and up to date.

“We have been working with StreamGuys for a long time,” said Hanberg. “We have a large community of listeners, and the mobile apps allow us to go deeper than the music — which is important as a Christian broadcaster. Our listeners can hear us live, interact with us closely through station events, and receive bible verses in any part of the world at the time of their choosing.” (04-24-12)