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From CRISTA Broadcasting to CRISTA Media: New Name Recognizes CRISTA’s Influence Beyond Broadcasting

SEATTLE (September 27, 2013) – Communications platforms are changing rapidly. How we consume entertainment and information differs dramatically from just a few years ago. With digital options exploding, where does terrestrial radio fit in the current technological environment? “It’s a synergistic answer. Broadcast radio is not going away. Digital platforms allow radio stations to engage listeners in ways that weren’t possible before,” says Stan Mak, General Manager and Vice President of CRISTA Broadcasting. CRISTA feels the solution is not about selecting one communication platform over another, but rather a combination of communication avenues that makes the CRISTA radio stations more accessible to a broader audience.

In order to reflect these expanded capabilities, the name CRISTA Broadcasting is being changed to CRISTA Media, effective today. The name change will be seen across all CRISTA Media stations and digital platforms, including KCMS SPIRIT 105.3 FM and AM630 KCIS in Seattle, KWPZ PRAISE 106.5 FM in Bellingham, KFMK SPIRIT 105.9 FM in Austin, and PURE MUSIC RADIO, a multi-market HD radio music service.

“Since 2008, CRISTA Broadcasting has steadily invested in digital platforms. In addition to terrestrial radio we’re providing alternative solutions to engage with our listeners and advertisers through a wide variety of digital capabilities. Our digital capabilities include streaming, HD multi-casting, websites, mobile, texting, geo-targeting, search engine optimization, e-auctions and e-business directories,” says Stan Mak.

This powerful combination of on-air radio and digital connections makes the CRISTA brand more accessible to listeners, and for advertising clients it expands the opportunities for creative and compelling campaigns. The continued efforts to expand in the exploding digital world allows CRISTA to better serve the 970,000 weekly listeners in four different markets–Seattle, Austin, Bellingham and Fraser Valley/Vancouver B.C.

For more information, please visit or contact Camille Birk (206.289.7794 

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