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Channah Hanberg

Local Sales Manager (KCMS, KCIS)
Digital Sales Manager (KCMS, KCIS, KWPZ, KFMK)

Phone: 206-289-7829

When did you join CRISTA Media? 2008

When did you start in radio? 2002

What are your advertising specialties? Leading sales staff in multi-platformed campaigns and Interactive trends. Manage digital production and advertising for CRISTA Media in order to drive success for our clients. I love out of the box ideas that incorporate digital with traditional media and place CRISTA on the cutting edge of interactive development.

What are your hobbies/interests? I love being a mom to my beautiful daughter Hadley and son Dax! I also love doing CrossFit with my husband so we can get into shape together and have fun.

What is your favorite verse? Philippians 4:13