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Christian Lifestyle Podcast Network

Purposely is an active and growing network of podcasts. It is a great add on to your radio buy linking the power of podcasts listeners to your product. 54% of podcast listeners say that sponsorship and promo codes within podcasts drive them to make a purchase! Reach them with your message.

Purposely offers unique, curated content in the Christian podcast space. Of U.S. podcast listeners who named a podcast they listen to most in a recent study by Pew Research Study, 8% chose religion and spirituality, the #5 category of listening. (source: survey of US adults conducted Dec 5-11, 2022, Pew Research Center)

Purposely is supported by our radio stations and ties in on-air broadcast synergy so your messages reach even more people.

Purposely offers integrated ads that allow you to own a podcast episode rather than CPM based selling, giving you a greater value.

Stats Source: Spreaker account data (5/31/22-5/31/23)

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